Co Athletic Directors: Lisa Caron & Matt Miller

2014-15 Athletics Banquet:
Sunday, April 12, 4:00-6:00 PM, Penn Campus

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Spring Sports League Information
The Varsity Season is 10 games and play doubleheaders, usually on weekdays but some Saturdays if needed. The Cub Season is 8 games and play doubleheaders, usually on Saturdays but some weekdays if needed. Playoffs are held at the Varsity Levels and may be cancelled due to weather.

Available for grades 4, 5, and 6 (Cub Level, $65 fee)
Available for grades 7 & 8 (Varsity Level, $75 fee)
Modified Softball:
Available for grades 4, 5, and 6 (Cub Level, $65 fee)
Fast-pitch Softball:
Available for grades 7 & 8 (Varsity Level, $75 fee)

Spring Sports Registration Information
Registrations should be submitted to the Nicollet Campus School Office along with registration fee. They must be submitted no later than Friday, February 6, 2015 so Blessed Trinity can begin planning for the teams in terms of uniforms, equipment, SSYO registrations and so on. Registration is NOT complete without the registration fee. It is very important that players meet this deadline unless prior arrangements are made! Blessed Trinity has to let the SSYO know by February 9th whether or not we will have any spring teams.

Scholarships are available if needed. Please email Principal Patrick O’Keefe or set up an appointment to determine eligibility. This information will be kept confidential. No player will be turned away because of inability to pay. En caso de necesidad, contamos con becas. Por favor, envíe un correo electrónico al director Patrick O'Keefe o solicite una cita con él para determinar si usted es elegible a dicha beca. Esta información se mantendrá confidencial. Ningún jugador será rechazado por algún percance monetario. Las inscripciones no son válidas sin el pago o hasta que algún arreglo económico sea concretado.

Don’t miss out!
Join the basketball program at Blessed Trinity for boys and girls!

Junior Cub Level—2nd & 3rd Graders, $50
There is no experience necessary to participate in the Junior Cub League!  Games are held on Saturdays starting on January 10, 2015 and run for eight weeks with additional practices during the week. The games are held in the St. Peter’s gym (Nicollet Campus) and the side baskets are lowered to 8.5 feet. Our BT teams play against teams from Nativity, Annunciation, and International Schools. The games are designed to be fun and a great introduction into playing basketball. The cost is just $50 (includes t-Shirt and medals and 8 weeks of games and practices; scholarships are available by contacting Principal O’Keefe).  Print the registration form and return it to school no later than Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014.

Varsity Level—7th and 8th Graders $115
Cub Level—
4th through 6th Graders $100
The cub and varsity teams at Blessed Trinity play in the SSYO (Southside Youth Organization) along with several private and parochial schools in the Southwest Metro area. The Cub Level has ten games and is almost always on Saturday mornings. The Varsity Level games are on weeknights starting at 4:30pm. The varsity teams play twelve games in their season. Both levels have playoff tournaments after the completion of their seasons. The teams may also participate in 1-2 weekend tournaments if schedules permit.  REGISTRATION FORMS can be submitted to the Nicollet Campus School Office through September 26th. Please fill out the registration form completely and submit it to the office with your fee.

Baloncesto en Blessed Trinity
¡No se lo pierda! Únase al programa de baloncesto de Blessed Trinity. Los equipos Cub y Varsity de Blessed Trinity juegan en el SSYO (Organización para Jóvenes de Southside) junto con varias escuelas privadas y parroquiales en el área metropolitana de Southwest. El Nivel Cub tiene diez partidos y son casi siempre en las mañanas del día sábado. Los juegos del equipo Varsityse realizan en las tardes de los días de semana a partir de las 4:30 pm. Los equipos Varsity juegan doce partidos en su temporada. Ambos niveles tienen torneos de postemporada después de terminar la temporada regular. Los equipos también pueden participar en los torneos de uno o dos fines de semana, en caso de que el horario lo permita.  Las inscripciones se pueden enviar a la oficina de Campo de la Nicollet hasta el día 26 de septiembre. Por favor llene el siguiente formulario de inscripción y preséntelo en la oficina con su pago.

Nivel Varsity - 7 y 8 grados $115
Nivel Cub -
De 4 a 6 grados $100
Nivel Cub Junior -
2 y 3 grados (El registro será en diciembre)

Evaluations will be held for the varsity teams to determine placement of players. No player will be cut from a Blessed Trinity program. (6th graders may possibly be moved up to play at the varsity level depending on the number of registrations received and ability and experience of the player.) Se llevarán a cabo evaluaciones para los equipos Varsity para determinar la ubicación de los jugadores. Ningún jugador será excluido de este programa de BT. (Algunos estudiantes de sexto grado podrán ser movidos para jugar en el nivel Varsity dependiendo del número de inscripciones recibidas y de la capacidad y experiencia del jugador.)

Submit a completed REGISTRATION FORM, along with applicable fee. Contact one of our Athletics Directors for registration information.

Available for grades 4-6 (Cub) $100
Available for grades 6-8 (Varsity) $100
Available for kindergarten-third grade (Junior Cub Soccer) $35 **
Available for grades 4-6 (Cub) $90
Available for grades 6-8 (Varsity) $90
Available for grades 7 & 8 (Varsity) $135*
*Non refundable after July 18, 2014 if there are enough players signed up to register a team.
**In-house league for K-3, no experience necessary; starts Sept. 6th

Blessed Trinity is committed to offering a varity of sports for both girls and boys- as long as there is sufficient player registrations to field at least one team. During the 2013-14 school year, Blessed Trinity offered:
Grades 4-8
Football (Fall)
Grades 7 & 8
Soccer (Fall)
Grades K-8
Basketball (Winter)
Grades 2-8
Baseball (Spring)
Grades 4-8
Softball (Spring)
Grades 4-8

Additional Sports Opportunities
In additon to what Blessed Trinity offers and because of our partnership with Academy of Holy Angels, Blessed Trinity's seventh and eighth graders can play sports that aren’t offered through BT’s sporting program—like Swimming, Golf, Cross Country and more! Contact AHA’s Athletic Director, Michael Kautzman, for more information.

Attention Blessed Trinity Tigers

Once a season has finished, we ask that all Tiger athletes please check their athletic clothing and kindly return any BT athletic uniforms that are still in your possession. 

Blessed Trinity Athletics Association

New Members Needed!

The athletics board is looking for some new members! Do you have athletes participating in programs at Blessed Trinity or future athletes that will participate in the next few years? Are you looking for a way to become more involved in the athletics association at Blessed Trinity? If you answered yes to either of these questions, please consider becoming a board member with the Blessed Trinity Athletics Association. The BTAA meets on the first Wednesday of the month, and it is a fun and exciting part of Blessed Trinity. For more information, feel free to contact either of the athletic directors, Matt Miller or Lisa Caron, or our principal Patrick O'Keefe. Go Tigers!

BTAA Can Drive

Bring empty aluminum cans to the trailer found in the Nicollet Campus parking lot (near the gym entrance).  All proceeds will benefit Blessed Trinity Athletics.

Blessed Trinity's Athletics Program

The athletics program at Blessed Trinity is designed to provide skill development in sports along with legitimate competition. While winning is one goal, participation is also important. Every athlete gets a chance to play in games. Currently the Blessed Trinity Tigers are affiliated with the South Side Youth Organization (SSYO), a private school conference with 21 members. SSYO offers competition for 4th through 8th graders in different sports during the school year. Blessed Trinity hosts its own 2nd and 3rd grade basketball league, for which all 2nd and 3rd grade boys and girls may participate. Other schools in this league are Nativity of Mary (Bloomington), Annunciation Catholic School (Minneapolis) and the International School of Edina. Player participation fees are charged for each sport, but school policy states that no one will be barred from a team because of inability to pay. Registration periods are announced season by season in the school newsletter and on this web page. Blessed Trinity will offer sports in which there are sufficient player registrations to field at least one team.