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2016-17 Registration Forms

  • In-Parish Tuition Rate Information: English | Español
  • TADS: Apply for Financial Aid Online
    Blessed Trinity uses TADS to assess your family’s financial need. TADS forms must be filled out if you would like to receive tuition assistance of any sort and this year's deadline is February 16, 2016. This form applies to students attending Catholic Schools throughout the Archdioceses. There is a $34 processing fee to apply for financial aid.  If you have a child who attends the Academy of Holy Angels, you do not need to fill out another form if you completed one with them; you just also need to enter our school code (23333) along with Holy Angels. It is easy, fast and secure.

Click on the TADS link above and begin by clicking on the green "Apply for Financial Aid" button on the right hand side.  It may be helpful to download and print the following worksheet to help you organize your information for application:

After submitting your TADS application we ask you to complete the Blessed Trinity Tuition Assistance Application Form and return to school.


These forms and letters are in Adobe Reader (PDF) format.

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