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Read what BT Parents Write About Blessed Trinity

Letter to the Editor, published in the Richfield Sun Current

-From Beth G.

"Blessed Trinity has all that we hoped for in a school. Caring teachers, diverse population, faith-based learning and high academic standards. Small class sizes allow for individual learning for all academic abilities. It is an inclusive community to many different cultures and faiths. Our children experience opportunities to give back through community service projects. Character building is woven into everything they experience at school."

-From Annie F.

"We have just said goodbye to BT after 17 wonderful years of quality education, competitive extra curriculars, faith-based lifestyles, wonderful teacher/student ratios, among many other positives. However, Blessed Trinity's best selling point is their staff.  Schools can have the best equipment or the newest textbooks or the biggest buildings, but we found that those things aren’t what make a school great.  It’s the loving and caring staff who wants nothing more than to make your child feel and be successful—this is what Blessed Trinity teachers do best!  Sending our four kids through BT was a financial investment for us, but not one of the six of us would change a thing. It was worth every single penny and sacrifice we invested and what we received in exchange is, like they say in the commercials, priceless!  It was the best option we could have ever hoped for and not a day went by in those 17 years that we were not happy with our choice."

-From Joan K.



Parent Involvement  

Blessed Trinity recognizes that parents are the primary educators of their children. In that spirit, parental involvement is both encouraged and supported in a variety of ways. From classroom volunteer opportunities to curriculum planning, a healthy partnership between parents and Blessed Trinity serves to provide the best possible learning environment for our students. In fact, studies show that students whose parents are involved at their school perform better academically. 

Be Ready to Volunteer
All parents who plan to volunteer at Blessed Trinity must complete a series of three steps before volunteering. Find out more on our volunteering here.

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Blessed Trinity Spiritwear!
BT Spiritwear is available in a variety of designsand sizes and is sold throughout the school year on both campuses.

Family Life & Raising Children

We have an ongoing professional relationship with Dr. Steve Kahn and his group of licensed counselors. Parents are invited to contact Dr. Kahn directly at any time for any reason. He is available to meet with parents to discuss any issue pertaining to family life and raising children. There is never a charge. His phone number is 651-426-4297 and his email is You may also want to explore his website ( There are five years of articles about parenting archived there and they are free. You may read them, download them, save them to your computer, print them, and share them with other parents.

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