PAWS Ambassadors
PAWS Ambassadors are a parent connection between the school and other parents in a classroom. Ambassadors will help communicate information out to other parents and will be a source of feedback for the school administration as well. You can find a list of ambassadors here.

PAWS: Parents Active With School

In a school where students hail from almost 20 different school districts, come from many different churches, and attend school on two different campuses, it is essential to our success that school parents feel able to contribute constructively and meaningfully in their child’s school experience.  

PAWS meetings are open to all BT parents. Attend one meeting, all meetings, or whatever you can! The goal of PAWS is to

  • Welcome new families
  • Involve all
  • Support school activities


Next meeting

Monday, September 11
Penn Campus
6:30-7:30 pm

Previous meeting minutes