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Top 10 Reasons Blessed Trinity is great! 
(According to our 8th graders)

  1. Each teacher knows every one of their students and their ability to learn, so they know just how to teach a lesson so that everyone understands.
  2. You will grow as a person of faith.
  3. You will make wonderful, life long friends here (so will your parents)!
  4. Blessed Trinity is a very safe place to learn.
  5. Faith is a part of everything we do at Blessed Trinity.
  6. We have great sports and activities if you want to be part of a team.
  7. Blessed Trinity accepts and respects us all because we are images of God.
  8. You will have wonderful enhancement choices when you are in middle school.
  9. You will get to work on many service projects at Blessed Trinity that serve our school community, parish communities, city and the world.
  10. Teachers at Blessed Trinity love to teach, Students love to learn and our parents love to watch us grow and learn.